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One notable municipality is Sintra in Portugal. It is located in Lisbon, and is an official World Heritage Site. Sintra is a historical location, being built up with 19th century romantic architecture, as well as many other old buildings dating back to hundreds of years ago. Sintra itself has history that dates back as far as the 11th century.

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Geographically, Sintra is located near the coastline of Portugal, making it ideal for those that adore the serene beauty of waves and calm atmospheres. While visiting Sintra you can expect to find lush dining areas, history museums, art galleries, as well as many other historical ventures. If you want, you can even visit the Pena Palace, a massive historical building that is used for political affairs. Out of the numerous parks in Portugal, The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, is the newest established park in Sintra. The natural park is similar to a national park that you may see in the United States or Canada. It is filled with brilliant wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and offers plenty of chances for photography or art. The palaces are places that you can visit to become familiarized with the deep history and government of Sintra and the rest of Portugal. Tourists often visit historical and ritzy hotels, as well as other live entertainment venues. Sintra is not short on things to do! With continuous development, Sintra has a bright and massive future ahead of it. It is suspected that Sintra may grow dramatically within the next two decades. Currently, Sintra only has 507,170 occupants. Temperatures are rather chilly in winter months, but summer months bring warm and humid weather with an exotic feel. If you somehow manage to exhaust your activities in Sintra, you can travel a bit farther to Lisbon Portugal, a huge urban area located north of Sintra. Lisbon is the national capital, which contains 16 municipalities. These municipalities include Sintra and 15 others. The total population is well over 2 million, and continues to expand on a daily basis. If you are a tourist that likes to dine, Lisbon, particularly the Sintra area, is the perfect place for you. Since both are located so close to the ocean, much of the cuisine is seafood based. Cod is the most popular which is often combined with rich wines and decadent olive oils. While the food in Sintra is rather affordable for even the most frugal of travelers, you will quickly find that the inexpensive price does not take away from the magnificent tastes. Cultural lovers will also delight in their Sintra travels. The old historical culture is vibrant, amusing, and very informative. Any traveler will benefit from visiting Sintra and experiencing the simple way of life, however knowing a bit of Portuguese will greatly aid the traveler in Sintra. Spanish is a close cousin to Portugal but there are some distinct differences. With the positive atmosphere, and all that Sintra has to offer, travelers of all kinds can have a rich and exciting experience. Visiting Sintra is much more than going to just another city or country. It is a learning experience, a growing experience, and a chance to visit one of the oldest areas in Portugal. Artists will adore the romantic architecture, and history buffs will enjoy learning about the roots of the area. With so much to do, its no wonder Sintra is always full of curious visitors and those looking to expand their traveling experiences.

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