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The Portugal Video

This Portugal DVD takes you on an incredible aerial journey beyond the ordinary. Tour through the skies of Portugal and experience Portugal's beautiful diverse landscapes, its history, and its culture.

Explore volcanic ranges, mountaintop villages and sandy beaches that stretch to the horizon in the first ever HDTV documentary feature of Portugal, one of the least known, yet most beautiful and diverse countries in Europe. From the windswept islands of the Azores and the sun-drenched paradise of Madeira, to the mainland, perched between the ocean and the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, this visual masterpiece treats the viewer to an entirely new perspective of Portugal. Visit ancient Roman aqueducts and imposing castles and cathedrals. Round up Longhorn bulls on the central plains, and soar over the majestic tall ship SAGRES, embarking on a modern voyage of discovery as countless proud Portuguese sailing ships did before her. With sweeping aerial vistas and intimate close-ups, set to an original music score highlighting the unique sounds of Portugal, this documentary showcases a country rich in culture and tradition yet confident in her promise for the future.

Portugal Video and Book

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