RTP (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa) is Portugal's national public media network whose primary channels include RTP 1- the country's leading public broadcaster; RTP 2- a public service cultural channel; and RTP Internacional, the satellite channel providing a communications bridge between Portugal and major Portuguese communities around the world. In addition, RTP also operates RTP África with an active broadcast presence in all Portuguese speaking African countries. With its dedication to public service and quality programming, RTP is committed to broadcasting Portugal - An Adventure of Discovery in a desirable primetime slot.

ICEP is Portugal’s official trade and tourism organization, responsible for the promotion of tourism and economic development. Our partnership to date has resulted in the phenomenally successful “Perfil de Portugal” exhibition in Madrid. ICEP has also acquired select footage for the production of promotional campaigns and exhibition rights to showcase our 15-minute film at special events, as well as a significant number of books for gift giving. We enjoy a fruitful and ongoing relationship with ICEP in our mutual efforts to promote Portugal, and intend to strengthen our ties with it and other government institutions.

KCTS -Seattle is an affiliate of PBS, the Public Broadcast Service of the United States, dedicated to the arts, science, and culture. Recognized as the world leader in aerial High Definition cinematography, our production partnership with KCTS ensured that the production would be of the highest international standards. Our film will be broadcast and featured as an upcoming pledge program.

Our selection of partners guaranteed us an outstanding product, and assures our sponsors of exceptional results.