The response to Portugal - An Adventure of Discovery has been fantastic. Here is a sample of what people are saying:

“I really like your book…and I like your film even more”.
Jose Saramago, Recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature

“I quite enjoyed your book, Portugal - An Adventure of Discovery… The photos are extraordinary, and I look forward to coming back to Portugal to visit some of the places that you featured.”
Madeleine K. Albright, former US Secretary of State

Portugal - An Adventure of Discovery is a beautiful book and will be a treasured addition to our library.”
Robert Vanderloo, Canadian Ambassador to Portugal

“The film is exceptional! Everyone who sees this film will definitely want to visit Portugal”.
Antonio Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal

“By far the most spectacular images I have ever seen of Portugal.”
Vitor Neto, former Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism

“Un filme muy precioso”
Alvarez de Manzano, Mayor of Madrid

“A revelation of the Portuguese soul. This book is a legacy that belongs in the homes of all Portuguese.”
Hugo Santos

“Fantastic! Although I thought I had seen a lot of Portugal already, I now must admit that much remains to be discovered. And your book does motivate me to do so.”
Keith McFarlane, Lisbon, Portugal

“I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgic pride as I turned the pages. I share the beauty of this book with all of my friends, and can’t wait to get the film.”
Patricia Ricardo, Vancouver, Canada

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